Dj Rupture and Matt Shadetek "Solar life raft"
I directed the animation of this post-apocalyptic New York underwater music video, where survivors exist in a semi-aquatic world together with marine creatures. Men adapt and react to this new environment using technology "in the good way", making music on cheap old cellular phones, using solar energy, living on boats and building massive floating markets. it's been amazing to work with Jace and Matt, I was so enthusiastic about the project, when, in a tropical day of last summer, Jace came to Rome to have a first chat about the video. He and Matt had in mind exactly what these humans would do in this hypotetical new world, and what this world would look like..this made things a lot easier for me and Maria Chiara, we interpreted their initial ideas and pushed them further in a nice direction...enjoy!

Direction and animation: Sara Taigher
Illustrations: Maria Chiara di Giorgio

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