Black - animated short film
This is the first trailer of Black, a short animated film that will be produced and completed in 2016. The film is currently under development, for more information write to:
Black is a short animated film that will be produced and completed in 2016 with the financial contribution of the Film Board of the Italian Ministry of National Heritage and Cultural Activities (Mibact) which acknowledged that the film is of national cultural interest. 
The story is set in Rome and tells the story of Matteo, a young producer of electronic music, who during a long blackout can’t resign himself to the idea of no longer being able to play on the computer anymore. Black's central themes music and energy are inextricably throughout the 15 minutes of the film leading the audience to understand the importance of something that is normally taken for granted.
Black has now become also a crossed-media project: while designing the main character Matteo, it came natural to confer him so many human elements that eventually we decided to make him “live” also through what’s the most important thing to him: music. So Matteo will release his first album “Black” including tracks from the film plus many unrealeased ones.
Production So What
Director Sara Taigher
Produced by Sara Taigher
Executive producer Federico Saraceni
Screenplay Lorenzo Bartoli/Chiara Babuin/Daniele Di Biasio
With Davide Albano, Joy Saltarelli, Stefano Brusa, Luca Dal Fabbro
Character design Yassmin Yaghmai/Caterina Ferrante
Storyboard Caterina Ferrante/Yassmin Yaghmai/Ilaria Giacometti
Animation Ilaria Giacometti/Yassmin Yaghmai/Francesco Forti
Editing Ippolito Simion
Illustrations Valerio Paolucci/Lorenzo Conti
Music Inti d’Ayala Valva/Andrea Di Cesare
External relations (France) Emilie Bonnin
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